Best Type Of Lashes For Different Eye Shapes

Getting eyelash extensions is certainly no rocket science, but it’s not as straightforward as you think. Choosing the right lashes for your eye shape can make a huge difference in enhancing your natural beauty. For one, you need to know your eye shape to determine the right style of lash extensions to ensure that it enhances your eyes instead of taking away from them.


Lashes can frame your eyes, create illusions, and transform your look. Whether you have almond, round, hooded, deep set or monolid eyes, understanding how to select the best type of lashes can help you achieve stunning results. In this blog post, we'll guide you through choosing lashes that perfectly complement your unique eye shape.



  1. Almond-Shaped Eyes: Almond-shaped eyes are often considered the most versatile because they can pull off a wide range of lash styles. However, the goal here is to emphasize the natural elegance of the eyes without overpowering them. Individuals with almond-shaped eyes can opt for lashes that are medium in length, with a mix of volume and curl. Wispy lashes that are slightly longer at the outer corners can accentuate the eyes' natural shape and create a subtle, captivating effect. Our Acacia, Dewdrop, Peony and Periwinkle lashes perfectly fit almond-shaped eyes.



  1. Round Eyes: If you have round eyes, your goal is to elongate the appearance of your eyes. Choose lashes with a longer length in the center and taper at the inner and outer corners. This will help create the illusion of elongation, making your eyes appear more almond-shaped. Wispy lashes with a bit of flare at the outer edges can also help achieve this effect while maintaining a soft, natural appearance. Our Lily, Jasmine, Dahlia, Mimosa, and Rhea lashes perfectly fit round-shaped eyes.



  1. Hooded Eyes: Hooded eyes have a charming allure, but the right lash choice can help open up the eyes and create a more defined crease. Opt for lashes with varying lengths to add dimension to your eyes. Focus on longer lashes in the center to provide a lifting effect. Wispy lashes that aren't too dense are ideal, as they won't weigh down your lids. These lashes will help draw attention to your eyes and showcase their unique shape. Our Aster, Daisy, Geranium, Acacia, Mulberry, and Plum lashes perfectly fit hooded eyes.



  1. Monolid Eyes: Monolid eyes are characterized by the absence of a visible crease. The goal here is to create the illusion of depth and dimension. Consider lashes with a mix of lengths to add both volume and length to your lash line. Wispy lashes with a crisscross pattern can help open up the eyes and make them appear larger. Be sure to apply lashes that have a natural curl to enhance your eye shape. Our Amelie, Mai tai, Martini, Gimlet, Mauve, and Cosmos lashes perfectly fit monolid eyes.



  1. Deep-Set Eyes: For deep-set eyes, lashes can be a powerful tool to bring the eyes forward and make them more prominent. Opt for lashes with a good balance of volume and length. Lashes that fan out slightly at the outer corners can help lift the eyes and create a captivating effect. Avoid overly heavy lashes, as they might make your eyes appear smaller. Our Plumeria, Celine, Odette, Daiquiri, Viola, and Gia lashes perfectly fit deep-set eyes.



  1. Close-Set Eyes: If your eyes are close-set, your goal is to create the illusion of more space between them. Choose longer lashes at the outer corners to visually widen the eyes. Wispy lashes that gradually increase in length towards the outer edges can help achieve this effect. Be cautious not to overdo it, as excessively long lashes could emphasize the closeness of your eyes. Our Pippa, Marisa, Fiorella, Luisa, Lilac, and Plum lashes perfectly fit deep-set eyes.



Understanding your eye shape is crucial in selecting the best lashes to enhance your natural beauty. By choosing lashes that complement your eye shape, you can create captivating looks highlighting your eyes' unique features. Remember, the right lashes can accentuate your eyes and add a touch of magic to your overall appearance.